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Sources of business financing

Sources of business financingBefore starting up your business, MONEY is required. You cannot avoid this! As an entrepreneur, you should be innovative and able to think of great ideas of where you are going to acquire your startup capital from. You do not have to strain a lot, go stealing or egging around for your business to flourish. All you need to do is come up with ways of acquiring this money. We provide you with the different sources of capital you can chip in to acquire the startup money.

  •          Personal investment

You can also invest in your business through leasing out property or bring money into your business. These will aid you in carrying out your business activities.

  •          Equity financing

This refers to the money you had set aside in carrying out the business. This capital should be sufficient enough just in case you do not get a chance to acquire capital from other sources

  •          Loans from banks and other money lending institutions

Different banks offer loans depending on your needs and specifications. The loans require you to pay back with an interest rate. It is advisable to research on the bank that offers the most favorable interest rates on their loans. This will make it easier for you to borrow from an ideal bank.

  •         Government grants and subsidiaries

The government partners with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to come up with ways of financing new entrepreneurs into the business with start-up money. This is to motivate them to carry out their business in order to improve the country’s economy. It can be a great source to your business startup.

  •         Love money

This refers to the money that you are lent by your family or friends. It is used to help you in during your business startup. However, do not depend too much on them as they are not likely to contribute a lot and in most cases, an involvement of family in business matters may lead to business failure.

  •         Angels

As the name suggests, this refers to the wealthy individuals in the society who volunteer to help entrepreneurs in financing them during their startup. Most of this money does not need to be rapid back. Acquiring such help can be beneficial as it will help in your business growth.

  •          Shareholders’ investment

If you are sure that your business will grow and make high profits, you may choose to invite individuals into your business. These are known as shareholders. They invest a certain amount in your business to carry out your activities and you enjoy the profits acquired with them. However, shareholders are best appropriate for large business organizations.

Tip: According to Fivestargaragedoorservice you should make a clear budget on the exact amount required for your business to run.  Do not borrow excess money that is not even required in the business. This will drain your business when the time comes to pay the debts. Be careful!


Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Garage Door

Be Mindful When Buying Garage Door

Choosing the most appropriate garage door can be a difficult a task especially if you lack expertise advice to guide you through. Even though there is a high number of suppliers out there who are willing to sell garage doors to you, it is worth taking your time and effort to start by carefully evaluating your options in advance. This article will outline some of the factors that should be considered when purchasing a new garage door.


If the garage door is being purchased for your home, then a lot of emphases should fall on its attracting ability. An attractive garage door enhances a home appeal completely making its market value to dramatically increase and if at some particular point the owner decides to sell the house; will do so at a higher price.

On the other hand, if the call for installation is to use in a business premise, then its functionality purposes will be the main point of consideration. The primary role of a business garage door is to protect the assets and other factors are by-products of its major role.


You should try to purchase a garage door that perfectly blends and complements with your garage. Garage doors are built in various unique sizes, shapes, texture, and materials. Several online platforms can give you a podium where you can carry out an extensive research which will help you settle for the most compatible design that will match with your home.


A garage door can either be cheap or expensive. Prices are affected by the particular design or the quality of materials. Quality garage doors have a longer lifespan and don’t require frequent maintenance so tend to be more expensive.


A garage door created by people with exceptional skills and has used better resources to construct is more durable. It is able to withstand harsh conditions seamlessly and can go for an extended timeframe.

Safety condition

The need for a particular type of a door varies with the security conditions of an area. If a house is located in a place susceptible to experiencing bad climatic conditions, heavy duty doors may be needed to withstand the condition and properly adapt to the environment.


To wind up the list, you should be keen on the dealer that you engage in with. Some just have ill motives of exploiting you by providing low-quality doors and charging you at a highly inflated fee. Reliable dealers have clean intentions at heart and can offer assistance in case any problem occurs during the transaction.