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Types of Garage Door Brands


Finding it hard choosing a perfect garage door brand? Do not tire up! All you need to do is research wisely for a particular garage door brand before purchasing it. It’s salient to select the perfect compliment since a wrong garage door may drain your investment.

Research about the door tips, styles, measurement, features, windows options, materials, cost, insulation options and safety standards, and also do your research on the best garage door company around. Selecting a matching garage door to your house sets you unique from others in your estate.

Some of the well-known brands are Hermann rollmatic, Wayne Dalton, C.H.I overhead, carriage house, Holmes, and BP glass garage doors. Doors are different; such that, some serve as all season and others serve as high-end garage doors.

Unique high-end garage doors

Ø  BP glass garage doors with a hurricane line-They are customizable to any situation due to their strong and durable nature. Their glass work is unique and meets the hurricane requirements.

Ø  Eden coast composite garage doors-They are modern and fancy made from a composite material. They meet the required standards, durable, light weighted and are eco-friendly.

Ø  Hermann rollmatic garage doors-They are modern, with the latest technology and designed for easy maintenance. It’s based in the UK with a large network of dealers.

Ø  Smart garage door from control 4-Just as the name suggests you can control it from anywhere. For instance, if the door is left open it alerts you via a message after a given period of time, thus very reliable to use.

Ø  Trento garage doors by silver lox-It manufactured in Italy and take less space as it has two overlap systems that open up in a pretty, unique way.

–           Other high-end garage doors are vintage, Avantee collection and Eden coast composite doors.

All seasons garage doors

  •         Amar garage doors- it’s marketed in North America and other countries. It’s the world leading manufacturers of sectional garage doors for industries, commercials, and residentials.
  •         Wayne Walton garage doors- it has existed for 60 years. Its products include vinyl doors, carriage house steel doors, and classic steel doors among others that fit in every market and allow you to choose a custom door of your choice.
  •         Raynor garage doors- they are innovative and with the most stylish, timeless doors and accessories for commercial and residential garage doors. Their features include rolling doors, agricultural doors, high performance, matching panel and other safety features.
  •         CHI overhead doors-  Their products are commercial doors such as insulated sandwich and rib steel pan garage doors, residential such as classic steel and carriage house steel garage doors. These products involve high experienced craftsmanship.

All you need is to choose the best garage door of your choice. Try them out!!

Types of garage doors

The type of garage that you install says a lot. Before choosing a particular type of door, know its primary function. Doors vary in style, material, operating mechanism and use; that is, can either be commercial or residential. What’s the best type of door for your garage? Look out to learn more about various types of the garage door.

Residential doors

A perfect garage displays an elegant appearance, security, convenience of a home.

  •         Sectional doors

They come in wide variety and finishes. They are made of large, horizontal panels that open by lifting up and moving into space below the ceiling. They provide security, insulated options, smooth opening properties and a fantastic sealing.

  •         Overlap doors by silver lox

They can be automatically or manually operated. They are split into 2 with a range of 75 mm thick door leaf with counterweights for lifting the panel via rollers and cables. The door is of high quality, customized and provides excellent operation.

  •         Steel doors

Made with duly steel hence little maintenance. Come in 3 levels: single (thinner hence dented when hit), double (made with polystyrene hence energy efficient) and triple (consist of steel front, thermal middle and steel back hence eco-friendly and energy efficient).

  •         Side hinged doors

It’s made of timber, steel, and other materials. Ideal for garages used for tumble drivers and others.

  •         Canopy up and over

It uses remote control and is 8feet wide protruding out from the framework when open forming a canopy. It’s quick to install.

  •         Roller shutter

Come in various color finishes, they are automated, positioned behind the structural opening and do not swing out during operation. The thickness and depth of slat give enough headroom for your garage.

  •         Vinyl doors

They are made with C-channel steel coated with a polymer to resist UV rays. Consist of foam cores, steel, laminated front panels and a back surface. Come in various colors and materials.

  •         Aluminum doors

They include tilt up, single piece and glass aluminum doors. They are lightweight, require little maintenance, are rustproof and easy to operate.

Commercial doors

  •         Fire rated doors

Made of thick, durable, stainless steel resistant to fire and noise and provide insulation. Its raised or lowered manually or motorized and flexible to be custom built.

  •         Scissor doors

Scissor garage door moves left and right like sliding doors when locking and act as the best reinforcement for a standard door as they are made from high-quality steel that provides maximum protection.

  •         roll up doors

These garage doors have thinner slats for flexibility to roll up into a single coil when lifted. It’s attached to inner walls and led by guides until it’s fully rolled up.

The right garage door is a key to an ultimate appeal and gives an outstanding value.